Halloween in Ljubljana: Horror Marathon at Kinodvor

31 October is a holiday here, but Dan Reformacije, or, Reformation Day, has nothing to do with Halloween. (Does it?)

But All Hallow’s Eve has nonetheless been catching on here over the past several years. I was caught off guard last year when a couple of kids, dressed as a witch and a bear, pounded on the door of my old apartment demanding candy. All I had on hand was a box of over-priced Belgian truffles, so gave them each a 2 euro coin instead. They left puzzled, but pleased.  I’m prepared this year, with a big pot of candy next to the door. But there aren’t too many kids in my new building, so the first few who might come by are going to score BIG.

Most of my childhood Halloween memories aren’t pleasant. When I was in the fourth grade, I was robbed for the second time in my life (the first is mentioned here). Some junior high or high school kid, dressed as football player, cornered me against a building demanding my candy. After I called him a dick, he knocked me to the ground and grabbed my bag. I haven’t liked football since.

After moving to the burbs, for a few years running a few friends and I did some awful things of our own. For whatever reason, during those two tumultuous pre-teen years we were led to believe that Halloween was all about throwing eggs at houses and cars. And blowing off firecrackers in mailboxes. Karma still hasn’t finished having its way with me yet.

Ljubljana’s Kinodvor film house is celebrating tonight with a 12 hour horror marathon, beginning at 7 pm with Mirrors (Kiefer Sutherland) and ending with a 5 am screening of Black Christmas. The full schedule is here.  All in all, a terrific line-up.

Or, if you’re on the US east coast, there’s always the Village Parade.

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