Drawings from ‘Revolution and Art’

I rediscovered this book, Revolution and Art (Revolucija in Umetnost), the other day, one I rescued (for 50 cents) from a used bookstore’s outdoor bin on a rainy day a few years back. Between its cloth moisture-warped covers are 40 drawings and paintings depicting life in and around Partisan hospitals in Slovenia during World War II, and was published in 1971 for the 30th anniversary of the Partisan uprising.

Great stuff. Here are a few scans:


Pogorisce Partizanske Bolnice v Savinjski Dolini (Hospital – Scene of Fire), 1945, gouache, Gabrijela Sever


Pendrijevka, Partizanska Bolnica na Gorjancih (Pendrijevka Hospital), not dated, washed China Ink, Vlado Lamut


Ranjeci Lupijo Krompir (Wounded Peeling Potatoes), 1944, pencil, Božidar Jakac


Bolničarka (Hospital-nurse), 1945, lino-cut, Alenka Gerlovič


Ranjenec (Wounded man), 1944, lino-cut, Ive Šubic


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