News: Neo-Nazi Skinheads are Camera Shy


On Wednesday, a group of about a dozen neo-Nazi skinheads disrupted a roundtable discussion on hate speech, nationalism and neo-fascism at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana. On their way out, they reportedly broke a couple cameras, but on one the footage was preserved for internet posterity.  PopTV has video of the scuffle here. Anyone you know?

Some reports pointed the finger at a nationalist group, Tukaj je Slovenija, or This is Slovenia, which the group vehemently denied. “We are not an organization,” read a statement on its website, but rather an association of individuals. [Their website is here where, among other things, you can buy black t-shirts with dragon designs so you can dress up like neo-Nazi skinhead youths the world over!]

Related? Shock! Richard Poplawski, the man accused of gunning down three police officers in Pittsburgh last week, was apparently a gun-loving racist pinhead who hung out on neo-Nazi and white supremacist websites and firmly believed the Fox News line that Obama’s impending socialism would signal the end of his right to own and love guns.

At least it’s a lot harder to get your hands on a gun here.

UPDATED to add this link to a couple posts on the topic from Pengovsky, always worth a read.

(screenshot from PopTV video)

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  1. Vesna JAZBEC says

    Hi there1
    I saw that clip too!
    My first reaction was this question – HOW ON EARTH DID THEY COME INTO THE BUILDING? It’s really a complicated place to find yourself. It looked as if the were invited to the round table on the theme of HATE-SPEECH… What sort of emotion does that arouse?

    From what you wrote it seems as if you were disturbed by the fury of the furious.What I saw what was puffed up.
    Were you involve with the talk, because it would have been intereting to see if the angry young men were provoked!!!!

    Can we expect that the ‘hate-speech’debate was really about respect, a pleasant debate amoungst young compassionate students and professors? We don’t know nothing about the circumstance and here we are judging without evidence.

    The reporter forgot to mention who organized the debate and it could be taken as a BAIT for DEBATE as most of the population has a passive attitude to the many inhumane decisions made by doctors,polititions, judges, social-workers, human-rights administration leading to the child dying, even more .

    The opposite of friendship is not hate, but fear and suspicion and the product of this is HATE.

    So we become the enemy because we don’t feel accepted and understood. Where’s the compassion MATE?

    So what you are doing is spreading FEAR: are you paticipating in the hate debat in you own personal way???

  2. pirano says


    Thanks for the note.

    No, I’m not spreading fear. This was simply a quick post on a bit of local news I came across after spending some time reading about unrelated gun violence in the USA. Nowhere did I mention that these guys should be feared, or that I fear them. I simply pointed out that they’re apparently camera shy.

    >>are you paticipating in the hate debat in you own personal way???

    Not at all. I don’t even know these people, so how could I hate them?

  3. Vesna jazbec says

    Hi there again!


    You can put some unrelated pictures together and the viewer can connect the relationship between the two even if there isn’t any, That’s what you did? It’s a well used technique in marketing and commercials, and constantly used by Slovenian reporters (well known for MANIPULATION). The practice is subtle but effective.

    If the title was SKIN HEADS ARE CAMERA SHY it would be obvious you were thinkng about human behaviour. With the extra word NEO- NAZI in the headline it is a direct attack, emotionally …. HATE SPEECH. involvement.

    These boys are a different generation, a different circumstance and you are brutaly attaching the stigma of HILTER.

    The contents of this article is exploiting the situation with suggestions and innuendoes.

    Why don’t you go to their site and read and translate to us in ENGLISH what they say in detail to show us you are are neutral and not ONE-SIDED.

    NOW that I have viewed their defence, whatever you reported, had NOTHING to do with LEGAL FIREARMS and RACISM. The Hate debate was really to manipulate the listeners.
    It’s evident from the other group video that some of the audience was narrow minded. They too have a video of the incident. Of course we are not going to see it on National TV. This is NOT the USA.
    What was said was a confrontation about National Socialists …suggesting they were National socialists .. in other words NAZI.

    Someone infront of them started taking pictures of them without agreeing to the continuing CAMERA SHOOTING. Is there any explaination in the similarity of using the verb »SHOOTING« HERE?

    CAN YOU EXPLAIN CAMERA SHY…. we can present innocent pictures of happy children and call it PEDOPHILIC but that’s not. It depends on the situation.

    Did you observe how the cameras were shoved into their faces. Wouldn’t call that polite and friendly? I found it obvious they were in a unsafe situation. They didn’t damage property.

    In the United States we have the HOLLYWOOD MOVIE personalities contantly persued by hungry PHOTOSHOOTER PAPERASI and rumor spreading reporters.
    Here in SLOVENIA we have the POLITICANS and their trusty underdog reporters with their own amateur PAPERASI manipulating the public with HALF TRUTHS and one-sided stories.

    In whom can we trust?

    The DEVIL hides in the details:

    Mr. Pigeon (tranlated Gospod Golobic) is theMINISTER of Teritary Education (which includes ALL of the Universities in Slovenia).

    Mr. Pigeon is also a professor of PHILOSOPHY at the University of Ljubljana, where the HATE-DEBATE took place.

    Mr. Pigeon is also the President od ZA-RES (FOR REAL, but aso can be translated the CUTTING EDGE ) political party in coalition with the ruling Communist Social Democrates. It can be speculated that they are hiding in the shadow of up and growing Socialistic COMMUNIST Democratic Regime. Some are anxious to have a united Yugoslavia

    The News reporter was very emotioal about the whole incident, as IF she was THERE but she wasn’t, as if the building fell and killed several people but it didn’t.

    The Video on POP TV NEWS showed the »boys in black« upfront. The interview followed later on by the student-victims protesting with their faces masked – which goes to show it could quite esily be a SET UP. How can you believe anyone masked, This must be »PUST« or »KARNIVAL«?

    What does PHILOSOPHY mean ? The study of WISDOM.
    Where are you wisdom when we need you?

    YES, YOU DID PARTICIPATE as a reaction to what was told without you researching evidence of both sides.The lack of good judgement gives you away it seems NARROW-MINDED. Since you travel the world I expect differently.

    In Slovenia, ANONYMOUS ACCUSATION is taken more seriously by the police than concrete evidence of a crime. We see it every day on the Slovenian NEWS.
    Where does that put Slovenia on the map of HUMAN RIGHTS.

    Slovenians lack a healthy national patiotic sentimentality. The land is divided: it is either Partizanism and BELOVED Titoism (who are goverment supported) and the OTHERS who are prohibited to express their patriotism aloud. Rather a struggle between the GENERATIONS and its simpathizers; the old verses the new.

    Under the COMMUNIST REGIME Slovenian were discouraged to be openly patriotic. Serbian PATRIOTISM was always TOLLERATED. Where’s the explaination??????

    It’s obvious some people aren’t allowed to be PATRIOTIC .

    Does it come to this that some are not allowed to be SLOVENIANS because they are openly expressing their patriotism.

    If anyone should be punished are the officials who allow this BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY BE ABUSED AND ITS PEOPLE EXPLOITED for political purposes and the benefit of of a handful RICH swiddling elitist who want to control the MEDIA and politics and judical system, and caused the majority of Slovenians to live on the borderline of survival and existence.

    The Austrians has a WHITE panther . This same drawn panther only in BLACK is used by some of the SLOVENIAN patriotic groups. There is much histroy that can be explored and that which doesn’t start from wwII. It goes way back to the last remains of DEMOCRACY and self government Charles the Great, pulled EUROPE out of the Dark Ages.. and united Europe.

    And so I hear on the National News the DISCRIMINATION which political groups are allowed to OPENLY express their thoughts and feelings , EXCEPT this group.

    You destroy your enemy when you make him your friend and the same could be SAID in the opposite direction.

    BUT all should be given the opportunity to be present. We are always fearfully what lurks in the dark. Of course they will be mentioned when the government needs to point finger at scapegoats. Its the offical tactic of the present government.

    It just depends who’s talking, and which political structure you support. The law in this country is not respectful to all alike.
    I’ve been present in this country since the great Yugoslavian inflation 1984 . It’s been a constant tactic to find a group of people, like the peoples of KOSOVO, then pour-on negative political propaganda against these people. And so history repeats inself with the same Dictator-mannerism.

    Everybody should be treated fairly or the result does result in a struggle. All the words that are related to hate are created out of the need to change and for freedom. The USA have been saying for the past decades »WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR PEACE« which is simply an irony, and the only peace what is achieved is under a meter of soil.
    What it suggests is a struggle, a competion between life and death, between the strong and the weak and the end result is POWER.

    Where’s the SYNERGY, the ACCEPTANCE, theUNDERSTANDING, the RESPECT OF ALL, the HUMANITY in Slovenia.

    In GEORGE ORWELL’S novel, 1984, Wilson Smith, on the first page,……It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.
    ………………………………………………………… preparation for »HATE WEEK«

    Wilson had the job of correcting past newspapers cut out Hateful Language to the absurdity that HATE words didn’t exist and the general population had no language tools to express its
    discontent. To put it simply: if anything was bad it was expressed as NOT GOOD or even worse NOT NOT NOT GOOD.

    The propaganda went like this…


    Vesna JAZBEC

  4. Rok says

    Just a little note on Vesna Jazbec; she seems to be right wing (nazi) sympathizer, you can always spot them by using word communism for left wing parties. They allways see the world only in black and white (left and right; communism vs nazism)

  5. vesna says

    Dear Rok, or should I say ‘Rok is’ a humanist and a person is concerned about WHO IS WHO. No mate,I’m not a right wing sympathizer or what you call NAZI sympathizer.
    I’m concerned about NAME calling. You get enough of that at school or work place. If you’re different you’re SOMETHING OR OTHER.

    I LOVE LIFE and its beauties what does that make me. My concerns are that any body is someone’s son or daughter or my son or daughter, someone should standup an say wait a minuite before you JUDGE!!!!!

    Dear Rok, you are very, very black and white, but if I was to draw your portrait I would draw you with greys. See, I was mistaken you are not black and white. Honestly, I have mixed feelings and for sure I can be mistaken. The incident was publically stigmatized as NAZI and now you are trying to stigmatize me as NAZI for expressing my outrage. Or don’t I have the right to voice my distaste. I am so sorry for all who suffered under the communists and nazist, even if I did’nt have anything to do with this human tragedy; for it shows us that we are capable of the most uglyist horror. For these boys it was a situation of stigmatism, even they can make an error of judgement. Some mistakes can be rectified others cannot.

    Do lawyers who defend criminals in court make them also criminals? NO……..

    Dear Rok, I suggest a wider point view to this situation without finger-pointing ME as NAZI.

    ‘they’ suggests an organization. The individual has very little protection as an individual in our society.

    For me, both NAZI and COMMUNISTS were similar, they both were limiting, and a distructive piosion used to manipulate and control PEOPLE and peoples and the individual. And just look at the bitter bitter sadness caused.

    If you were to NAME me I could be a LEFT wing Labour Party in England and that does’nt make me a communist.

    Dear Rok, thankyou for reading my contribution. I’d appreciate your oppinion more if you would give some clear arguments to illustrate your point of view.

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