‘A Moveable Feast’, menu revised

Sticking with the Paris theme:

Should publishers significantly rework new editions, in this case the ‘restored’ version of the Hemingway classic, A Moveable Feast?

Hell no, says A. E. Hotchner, a friend of Hemingway’s and author of the biography Papa Hemingway, in a piece in yesterday’s NYT.

This new edition, also published by Scribner, has been extensively reworked by a grandson who doesn’t like what the original said about his grandmother, Hemingway’s second wife. The grandson has removed several sections of the book’s final chapter and replaced them with other writing of Hemingway’s that the grandson feels paints his grandma in a more sympathetic light.

Hotcher, who was intimately involved with the manuscript and met several times with publisher Sribner prior to its initial posthumous publication, argues that such liberties dangerously misrepresent the book’s “actual genesis” and raises serious questions about the ethics of publishing.

A great read and interesting background on the book.

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