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From the intro to Love: Coming Soon

Never say never. It’s true. The world and I thank Sarah Palin as the primary inspiration behind his memoir.

When he heard that the former vice presidential candidate and former Governor of Alaska had produced a 400-page memoir in just four months, Time magazine reporter Joel Stein wondered, “What took her so long?”

Since time is a precious commodity, his response was to write his own memoir in a day. It was a challenge and exercise I thought worthy enough to devote an entire day to, so I decided to produce one as well. The only difference is that unlike Palin and Stein, I didn’t employ a ghost writer or editor. As you’ll soon see, that was a major hole that should have been filled.

This was written in just under eighteen hours, five less than it took Band-Aid to record Feed the World back on November 25, 1984, a holiday season in which I witnessed first hand the outrageous lengths to which intelligent, mature adults would go just to score a grotesquely ugly Cabbage Patch doll for their spoiled children. They could have just bought them a copy of Feed the World.

The only advance work involved was a very rough outline sketched out a few days ago which sat on my cluttered desk largely ignored, and a long walk through Ljubljana’s pleasant early fall chill on Tuesday night when I muttered an occasional thought into my tape recorder. Those digital notes haven’t been transcribed yet, and it’s too late. I’m sleepy and time’s up.

The title?

It’s from some graffiti I stumbled across a few weeks ago. I’m an optimistic pessimist. I like to think that in spite of it all, something nicer could be lying in wait just around the corner.

You can download it here (PDF, 173k/ link fixed).

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  5. Manja Mexi Movie says

    Is this for real? Free download still available?

    1. Bob R says

      Haven’t quite hit that 13k cap so I think it should still be there. Be warned though, an editor was sorely missing. )

      1. Manja Mexi Movie says

        — 403: Access Denied —

        “This file requires authorization:

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        and a member of this blog.”

        Even after I try logging in, no luck.

        1. Bob R says

          Interesting. I tried it last night and it worked, but obviously I cannot be denied. Will fix.

        2. Bob R says

          Had to reload it; old version was stuck somewhere in land and didn’t make the trip over when I switched to self-hosting. It should work now.

          1. Manja Mexi Movie says

            Oooooh. Immediately floored. Truly thank you.

          2. Bob R says

            Yeah, it works. 🙂 Probably time for a revision soon.

          3. Manja Mexi Movie says

            I’ve read it now. It flew by. And yet, all of this was only written in one day. Imagine how much you could have written by now. 😉 All in its sweet time, I know. But when you’re ready, the reading audience will be too.

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