LJ Pic of the Day

Now showing on the Tivoli Park promenade: The First 100 Years of the Society for Cave Exploration Ljubljana. I had no idea such a group existed.

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  1. Mile Cucek says

    I had no idea – either, even though I have worked closely with one of the younger stars of “cavemen” – with Metod DiBatista, and he never said anything about it. Very impressive … Compared to may new home State – Kentucky, which bostas he longest, largest cave – the Slovenian tradition is outstandingly richer.

    Good to see your work, again, btw

    Mile C.

  2. pirano says

    Thanks. Are you in LJ now, or in KY? Still need to get together for that beer (or two).

  3. Mile Cucek says

    in Ljubljana – would love to quaf one, or two. If you can – my cell phone is 040 805 271.
    best regards

  4. cartas del tarot says

    That was a really fun post!!

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