Butcher shop, central market, Sapa, Vietnam
Butcher shop, central market, Sapa, Vietnam

45 Minutes in Sapa’s Central Market

Here are a few snaps from the central market in Sapa, Vietnam’s gateway to the northern highlands. Markets are always a joy to explore; this one had some of the most marvelous aromas I’ve ever had the pleasure to inhale. Also some of the most putrid.

Some of the finest came from the humble food court where I also had lunch.

The streets, alleyways and squares are teeming with women from local hill tribes selling their wares. Below are a couple on their lunch break. These two are H’mong I believe.

There were women gossiping.

There were women snoozing.

Some were dreaming. (Or, more likely, just hoping that I would move on.)

This one was reading a photocopied version of the day’s newspaper and wasn’t very pleased with what she read.

And some of course were shopping.

And finally, another shot from the meat department.

Sapa, Vietnam, 21 October 2010




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