freshly-boiled dog at a market in Nanning

Piran Café in 2010

That’s a boiled dog prepped and ready for sale in a small market in Nanning, China. Apparently, it offended western sensibilities enough to make a related post the most visited on this blog in 2010.

Team WordPress sent out a Your 2010 year in blogging report on New Year’s Day, complete with a Blog-Health-o-Meter attached. I hardly agree with their ‘Wow’ assessment, but I did appreciate the courtesy. And it did make me take a closer look at what transpired here over the past 12 months.

With just 78 posts, 2010 wasn’t nearly as active here as I would have liked. Life gets in the way. Nonetheless, a quick analysis:

I made four visits to Asia last year, and it was good to see that posts related to those trips made up half of the 2010 top-10. I regularly travel through Europe’s biggest cities, all of which are starting to look more and more alike. So it was a welcome gust of fresh air to bebop about northern Vietnam for a few weeks and savor the charm of an unparalleled city like Hanoi. I’m still organizing notes and photos from that October visit to Vietnam and Nanning, China, for a few projects so there is more to come from there.

So, here it is, Piran Café’s 2010 Top-10:

10. I wanted to visit Ho Chi Minh today, but he wasn’t there.
A trip to Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum while he was away in Russia for his annual facelift.

9. Shanghai notebook – Barbarossa Restaurant and Lounge
My favorite spot in People’s Park.

8. Hoa Lo, aka The Hanoi Hilton: an Abbreviated Tour
The place where John McCain stayed.

7. DICAPac WP-S10 waterproof housing test run
A quick test with some foam seahorses in the bathtub and the kitchen sink.

6. How to retrieve your wallet from a pickpocket on a Barcelona metro
Or, how to scare a thief.

5. Tito on Stamps
The former Yugoslav leader’s cult of personality on postage stamps. Considering the time it took to scan all the stamps, this post was the most time consuming, so THANKS for checking it out!

4. 60 minutes in West Bay, Doha
I’m sure there are cities with less heart and soul, but I have yet to visit them.

3. Cablegate in the Balkans – And the winner is:
A quick rundown of the immediate region’s cablegate tags.

2. Gulf coast oil spill, superimposed over Slovenia
An image from a cool google earth plug-in. Is anyone still upset about this?

1. Twenty Minutes in a Pair of Nanning Markets
A boiled dog on a market countertop apparently piques a lot of interest.

All-time most read post? I doubt anything will ever match ‘Did anyone tell the Amazon swimmer about the candirú?‘ unless I come across another fish that enjoys lodging itself into a penis.

Goals for 2011? I’d rather not put them in print. Let’s just see what happens.

Nanning 002, originally uploaded by pirano.

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