A time lapse experiment (LJ Pics of the Day)

There was no LJ Pic of the Day yesterday because I was too busy with 2500+ LJ Pics of the day. Hopefully this will make up for the lapse.

With Eric Solheim’s One Year in 2 minutes as inspiration, I decided to conduct a time lapse experiment of my own yesterday, which resulted in my very first video production! Yee haa, look out world!

Unlike Solheim’s project, in which he programmed his camera to take a shot from his living room window every half hour for 365 days, mine was a bit more spontaneous. I just simply got up from my desk and snapped several frames when I had the time, beginning at 11:18 a.m. and ending at just after 7:30 p.m. I took each of those 2,601 images, dumped them unedited into a free program Solheim suggested, MPEG StreamClip, and finished it off in iMovie.

The result is as banal as you’d expect an all-day view through a window to be. Not so much a time lapse as a record of lapses in time.

The song, The Goya Discovery, is by Canadian composer and musician Derek R. Audette. You can also check it out on Youtube.

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