On internet ‘bubbles’ and search filters – a call for volunteers (please)

I just watched this brief Ted Talk by Eli Pariser who discusses how search filters are essentially being imposed upon us. It’s worth the nine minutes of your time. Among other things, he mentions how searches for the same term will spit out entirely different results depending upon who is doing the searching and where they’re doing the searching from.

I’ve heard of this before and am marginally aware of how this works, but I’m still interested in seeing for myself and putting his Google analysis to the test. So, can some of you help? Pretty please? Great, Thanks! Here’s what we’ll do:

1. We’ll pick a very benign term: google ‘Ljubljana’ and snap a quick screenshot of the first page of results.

2. Mail it to me at the contact address at right, and be sure to let me know when it was taken and where precisely you are located. By ‘precisely’, city/state/country is fine. Your name won’t be published. In terms of this little exercise, I don’t even care what your real name is.

3. In a few days I’ll post all the screenshots to see what emerges.

It’ll all be quite painless and take about a minute of your time. Thanks!

[ted id=1091]

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