Fat Gecko Handlebar Camera Mount test

And, for those who are in the least bit Ljubljana-curious, a 40min bike tour in and around the Slovenian capital’s center condensed to just over five.

My video and time lapse obsession of late led me to the Fat Gecko after a few DIY attempts resulted in absolute failures. The manufacturer’s notes that came with the mount recommend 16 ounces (0.45 kg) as a comfortable weight limit, but according to its website it has been manufacturer tested with devices up to six pounds (2.72 kg). That’s a might large spread whose accuracy I’ll leave for someone else to test.

The design is simple but good, designed to fit in with your handlebar bolts. It doesn’t fit perfectly with my bike, but after a few adjustments after I started riding it worked quite well. The results on cobblestone left much to be desired, but then again, I don’t think anything in this price range exists that will smooth any ride over cobblestone.

Once mounted, there’s a built-in quick-release feature which allows it to be removed and reattached easily without removing the entire mount. Very convenient.

As you see, I didn’t try any angled shots, just a straightforward straight on shooting during my maiden voyage. The next time out I’ll give its very stiff pivoting head a test. And try on some less smooth terrain.

Suggested retail is about 65 USD/60 EUR/50 GBP, but I got it Hawks Photo Video via amazon.co.uk for for £36.

More about the Fat Gecko from the manufacturer, Delkin, here.

As for the this video tour: no editing, nothing particularly creative. Just a ride sped up to 800%. I take no responsibility for headaches or seizures which may arise.

Cantador (Armando Antonio Remix)
by Chico Correa and Electronic Band

CC / Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

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