Yugoslav National Army illustrated postal stationery, circa 1978

These are six illustrated envelopes produced by the Yugoslav National Army (JNA) in the mid 1970s. I love this first one, portraying a cute red-capped blond temptress playfully hugging a tree while eying the soldier’s gun.

All but one were sent to the same woman in Zagreb – I brushed out her name to save her from any embarrassment or pain – over the course of a few weeks in the fall of 1978. The addressee was either a collector or the sender was very much in love. Not sure what’s going on in this next one, but everyone looks pretty wet.

This one’s odd, too. What exactly are they looking at?

This looks like a nice spot. Anyone know where it is?

Reception problems?

And finally, the standard seven young sailors with a cute chick in a rowboat shot. I like her sullen dreamy gaze into the distance as the guy next to her stares at her chest. Anyone know any of these people?

  1. I think that the advantages of Yugoslav unity, solidarity and culture and level of economic development would be something much richer countries could only dream of. I think any deeper analysis would direclty reveal the potential of a flexible model for a beneluxm type re-integration of the Yugoslav countries in the first stage and then followed by the model of the European Economic Community and the EU in the second or third phase. Such a society would be far a more powerful political and economic entity and negotiator in the European and global scene. I fully support the initiative to rebuild the former Yugoslavia on a flexible basis where all people enjoyed sovereignty and where they drew together all the possibilities that a broader integration provides, especially in conditions of prolonged and the now decade-long global crisis.

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