Photo archives I – Iguana in Ontario, 1999

Well, not exactly. The iguana was actually shot in Santa Rosa National Park on Costa Rica’s northwest Pacific coast in April 1999. The wooded area is on a small island in Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park, shot about three months later. The roll of film was shuffled between camera bags in the interim, finally resulting in this entirely unplanned double exposure. I probably couldn’t have planned it if I tried.

This is one of several dozen slides shot during the 90s that I recently scanned, with which I hope to jar some memories for a longer mini-memoir/notebook project. Santa Rosa was the first place I ever saw howler monkeys in the wild, Algonquin provided the first up-close-and-personal encounter with a moose. Howlers are indeed insanely loud and moose ridiculously ugly.

Santa Rosa National Park: [wiki] [from a CR national parks site]
Algonquin Provincial Park: [official site]

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