Drawings from UN Desertification Exhibit in Daegu

I was in Daegu, South Korea, last month and among the most vivid memories of that two-week trip was a fabulous exhibit of drawings and caricatures on display near the stadium hosting the World Track & Field Championships. Some of these completely blew me away. The one above is by Argentine Alfredo Sabat.

Simply entitled Save the Earth, it was co-sponsored by the UN Convention to Combat Desertification to bring attention to and commemorate the UN’s Decade for Deserts. (That’s happening now, in case you didn’t know.) The exhibit consisted of about 100 pieces donated by established and emerging artists from more than 20 countries. And it left me feeling a little parched.  Some really astounding work.

Below, a piece by Oh Youngsik of Korea.

Above and below by Nam Myunglae, also from Korea.

Above, by Spaniard Juli Sanchis Aquado.

Above and below by Iranian Saeed Sadeghi.

This next one was quite apropos to show at a sporting event.

Above, Man and Nature by Ukrainian Alexei Talimonov. Next two below by Makhmud Eshonqulov of Uzbekistan.

The next two by Brazlian Amorim.

And finally, Yang Zaiqi of China.

The UNCCD website is here. The problem is massive and alarming. AND they’re hiring.

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  1. Eukalo says

    Muy buenas pinturas, nos hacen pensar. Para verlas una y otra vez, pondré una liga en mi blog.

  2. pirano says

    Gracias! Sharing is very nice indeed. 🙂

  3. Emil Strniša says

    Poštovani, karikatura u okviru Emila Strniše na Vašoj stranici nije moja. Tri moje karikature možete naći na stranici IAAF exhibition. S poštovanjem, Emil Strniša

  4. pirano says

    @ Emil – My apologies for that. Most of the photos I took of the exhibit included the artists’ names. The one above, the seventh from the bottom, was displayed with your name right below it.

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