‘Are we all in the same boat?’ – #occupyLjubljana update

That was the title of a talk given last night by Slovenian philosopher and sociologist Igor Pribac, who clearly believes that we’re not.

Speaking before a group of some 80 people at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Philosophy ahead of Saturday’s #OccupyLjubljana gathering in the Slovenian capital’s Kongresni Trg, Pribac noted how the metaphor, once widely used by ‘everyday people‘ and politicians alike, simply isn’t uttered nearly as much as it used to be. The feeling of being in the “same community of destiny”, he argued, is falling apart with alarming consequences. Pushing the metaphor further, Pribac maintains that people feel that they’re not even being given elbow room in that metaphorical boat.

That was Pribac’s working thesis to show his support for Saturday’s global actions, set for upwards of 1500 cities, and counting. And Slovenian media (read, mainstream media), at least going by a quick cursory survey this morning, are giving the Ljubljana gathering –along with those planned in the northeastern city of Maribor, the port city Koper, and Nova Gorica in the west– some decent pre-demo promotion.

Today’s edition of the daily Delo features a front page pic of #OccupyWallStreet protesters in New York City, with a local story on page 3, entitled, 15 October – day for ‘world revolution‘. There’s a nice graphic showing the spots around the world where demonstrations are being organized. And 24ur.com, the country’s most visited news portal, includes a story with a strong local angle, and a few video news spots. All links in Slovene.

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