Ljubljana’s ‘Boj Za’ Camp, Day 5 + Occupy Tibdits

Quick update on the Boj Za occupation of the plaza in front of Ljubljana’s Stock Exchange:

Demonstrators spent a fourth straight night camped out on Tuesday. Despite the onset of crappy weather –rain today, and snow on the way–  the numbers attending the daily workshops and those spending the night are actually steadily growing. PopTV reports that Prime Minister Borut Pahor visited the protesters on Monday night. Kids from a nearby elementary school stopped by this morning. I don’t ever recall field trips of those kinds.

Some links, most in Slovene: website, schedule/workshops/activities, and a webstream. Twitter feed is here. And here’s a brief video I shot on Sunday.

Background on the name: Borza is Slovenian for bourse, or stock exchange. At Saturday’s demonstration, the R was knocked off the archway and on Sunday replaced with a J. Boj za translates to, “Fight For”.

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Meanwhile, back in the U.S., Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi had a great time discussing why talk radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh is freaking out about OWS after accusing journalists of leading and advising the movement:

Dylan Ratigan didn’t invent four million people in foreclosure, he didn’t invent ten trillion dollars in bailouts, and he didn’t invent Wall Street’s $160 billion bonus pool the year after the crash of its own creation.

People out there do not need media figures to tell them how fucked things are, or how pissed they should be that the same bankers who caused the crash are now enjoying state-supported bonuses in the billions, while everyone else gets squeezed.  As someone who has been covering this stuff for three years, I can say with confidence that people across the country don’t need a push to be angry. They’re already there, and have been there for years. Rush should go hang out outside a foreclosure court in his home state of Florida for a few hours, if he wants to see where the rising heat under these protests is coming from.

Anyway, the hysterical responses from the Rushes of the world are just more signs that these protests are working. I never thought I’d see it, but some of the dukes and earls high up in America’s Great Tower of Bullshit are starting to blink a little bit. They seem genuinely freaked out that OWS doesn’t have leaders or a single set of demands, which in addition to being very encouraging is quite funny.

And finally, the first (that I’m aware off) OWS marriage proposal via human microphone: “Will you occupy my life?”

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