LJ Pic of the Day

This was taken about two weeks ago in the central Prešeren Square. They were playing the Theme from the Godfather on two of my favorite instruments.

I had an accordion forced upon me at an early age – I wanted to play the guitar and saxophone when I was seven but my parents insisted I be a good little Slovenia boy and bought me an old squeeze box instead. The passion was never really there so I reached my accordion peak in the fourth grade. I’m holding out hope that my sax peak has yet to be reached.

  1. Ha my Slo bf experienced the same, he has this beautiful antique accordeon catching dust, never learned to play it, think his grandmom is still pissed 😉 The thought has passed my mind to learn to play but but I don’t dare really..

  2. 🙂
    My guess is that we weren’t alone. I do think though if I’d been exposed to better music played on the accordion – instead of the standard polkas and waltzes – things would have turned out differently.

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