Berlin Quickie

Here’s a 4min&8sec vidblog from Berlin, the latest in my small –but growing!– Piran Cafe City Quickie series.

Berlin has long been on my short-short list of favorite European capitals – I’ve visited about a dozen times over the past eight years and always feel revitalized by the city’s unique energy.

These videos are not trying to be all-encompassing ‘destination’ pieces. They’re simply short visual notebooks from the road, shot quickly from the hip and then quickly-edited, attempting to provide a modest portrayal of a certain place at a certain time. Please let me know if, and when, I succeed.

Shots from 9-12-Sep-2011.

A few quick note on a few of the ‘cameo appearances’:

  • Andrea Fischer, former member of the German Bundestag, campaigning for the Green Party at the Brandenburg Gate. The Greens took 11.6% of the vote, upping their number of seats by seven to 30.

This episode’s epilogue is at the Marx-Engels-Forum featuring some Asian tourists.

And the cool soundtrack is Yes, Inform by Christopher Mollineaux Carson aka Throcke from his album Sometimes not Unpoinful. Check out more of his work. (CC/Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License)

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