Here’s a hodgepodge of pics shot in recent weeks during lots of quick strolls around town to keep my mind occupied with something other than cigarettes. I kind of liked the finished product. A breath of fresh air.

I smoked a lot for a long time. The only thing that was somewhat consistent in my life for the past 27 years was an ever-present cigarette. Previous attempts to quit were snuffed out when depression set in. I felt as though my best friend had died.

It’s a little different this time around. And while I’m still a bit rough around the edges, a new routine is slowly, steadily piercing through. Maybe I’ll get some time added for good behaviour.

1200+ photos shot in and through the Ljubljana fog from 15-20-Nov-2011. Many of them in and around Tivoli Park.

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Tarmac by et_

CC/ Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

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  1. Heather King says

    What’s the statue at the end of the video? Beautiful, looks like a reverse Pieta…Stumbled across you while searching for a photo of Syros, Greece, where I spent some time decades ago drinking rotgut retsina and hanging at what I remember as the High Life Cafe…though that could have been another cafe…another country…another decade…The lady with the cats captured it–Syros, my psyche at the time–perfectly. Loved as well the shots of the various tree trunks here…I go about my neighborhood in L.A. also taking pix of flowers, buds, leaves, and trash…among people but not entirely of them. Hard work, what you do, look forward to more perusing. Thank you–I had to look up Slovenia….

  2. pirano says

    The statue sits near Tivoli castle in Ljubljana’s Tivoli Park. Not sure of the title or the sculptor, but I believe it dates to the 1960s. Thanks for looking up Slovenia and Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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