Inspiration, Istanbul and Packing Gadgets – LJ Pic of the Day

If you were looking for a bit of inspiration, a gentle nudge to let you know that you truly can be anything you really want to be, here’s my little gift to you.

I’m not sure why I’m restarting the Ljubljana Pic of the Day series tonight, a few hours before a midnight and (near) full moon flight to Istanbul, where I’ll be for the next nine days. I certainly won’t be uploading pictures of Ljubljana from there. I guess I just felt inspired by a man whose wish to become a bat came true.

Yes, Istanbul! Exciting! I’ve never been and I’ve heard wonderful things. Actually, I was there once, but only at Ataturk Airport in transit from Osaka in late August 2007, and only long enough to learn that at the time all WordPress blogs were blocked in Turkey. (The ban has since been lifted.) This time it’ll be five days work, and another three-and-a-half play. My hotel for the second half is in the heart of the Sultanahmet district. Looking forward.


Gadgets are becoming a pain. I’m not even much of a gadget geek, keep my photo gear to a minimum, and it still adds up big time. After stuffing this and my laptop, mouse and cables into my backpack, it tipped the scale at just under 10.5kg/23lb. Something to keep in mind if that trip comes to fruition.

gadgets take 01

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