Small Collection of Blocked Websites in Turkey

More specifically, sites blocked by the hotel wifi service at the Sheraton Ataköy in Istanbul over the past couple days. I was able to get through to them from LAN lines elsewhere in the hotel and elsewhere in the city. I’m switching hotels on Monday to something a bit more modest – there’s wifi there and I’m now really curious how different, if at all, that firewall will be.

Back to this Sheraton. The first, Wikipedia’s English language page, is a fairly standard choice among censors worldwide and appears on many ‘blocked website’ greatest hits lists.

This was a bit odd, a link to results from the World Indoor Track & Field Championships, going on right now here in Istanbul. Click to enlarge and see the terms detailed, which are a bit baffling to me.

Next. Probably not the first time Boing Boing is blocked somewhere.

Moving on, this is the stats page for this blog. I can confirm that those terms do appear. But the reasons aren’t nearly as exciting as those doing the blocking want to believe. Turkey had some previous problems with wordpress which I thought were relegated to history.

And finally, a link to a post on, where the blogger had some very nice things to say about Piran Café. (Many thanks again, Heather!). The problem here appears to be a wider blanket block on all of blogspot.

I’ll post more later in the week if I come across any others.

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  1. pjm says

    The results site is blocked because the URL string includes a “sex” parameter to tell if the reader is looking for the male or female results. And that’s why filtering based on a blacklist is A Bad Idea.

  2. BobR says

    Thanks, Parker! Yes, I can see now that it is a terrible idea.

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