1min w/ skull & bones on Galip dede Caddesi, Istanbul

I really enjoy the 1 Minute Project on Vimeo, an attempt to take a brief pause to watch moments that are usually overlooked, never acknowledged and otherwise forgotten. As the title suggests, it’s simply a one-minute record of and from a place where you choose to turn on a camera – sometimes they can be visually interesting and even appealing, sometimes not so much. But those 60 seconds are now there and recorded for posterity’s sake.

This was shot on Galip dede Caddesi (Street) on 14-Mar-2012, not far from Istanbul’s busy Istiklal Caddesi pedestrian thoroughfare. It’s handheld, so apologies for the slight movement.

1 Minute project rules: the video must be exactly one minute long (the clip is), remain unedited, have no camera movement (ie panning, tilting, etc), and should only use original sound.

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