Five Long Exposures Inside Shanghai’s Bund Tourist Tunnel

And a hideously tacky Tourist Tunnel it is. But it makes for some great photo opportunities during the course of its five-minute journey.

Everything about the tunnel, which connects The Bund and Puxi to the Pudong Financial District beneath the Huangpu River, is so comically over the top and kitschy that it’s sublimely good. Well, almost. Multi-colored strobes, lasers, flashing projected images. Tinsel even.

At ¥40 (€ 4.75/$6.35) one way it’s not dirt cheap, so I’m not sure if I can recommend it. Unless you want to snap a few photos.

With no tripod or harnessing rig of any kind, these were obviously a hit miss. I just stood by the front window, held the camera against it and tried my best to keep it still. All are 10 second exposures at f7.1, 100 ASA except for the bottom one which was eight seconds at f5. No post-processing whatsoever.

Shanghai, 25-May-2010

If you’re suddenly overcome by a bout of Shanghai curiosity, check out some more of my pics from China’s biggest city here. No more flashing lights. Promise.


These snaps are this week’s contribution for Travel Photo Thursday (#TPThursday on twitter) hosted by Nancie on her blog, Budget Travelers Sandbox. When you have few minutes to browse, check out Nancie’s photos and those of others who take part. You’ll see some great photos and visit some wonderful places. The direct link this week is here. They also fit nicely for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week which is ‘Through‘.

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