G is for Good ‘ole Fashioned Live Blogging (or, last minute research into France’s Cotentin Peninsula)

I’ll be spending about four days on the Contentin Peninsula in Normandy next week. Besides booking a room in Cherbourg, I’ve done no research into the area whatsoever.

So tonight I’m going back to the roots of why I decided to take on the A-Z blogging challenge this month with a brief exercise into something that I might undertake if I were to become a more serious contributor to the blogosphere: live blogging.

What I’ll be doing here for the next few hours won’t be nearly as interesting as live blogging in the traditional sense –keeping up with a breaking news story or live-blogging from an event, for instance. I’ll just be posting links and bits of info here as I come across it, and eventually organize it into something that might be of use to others who stumble across this post in the future. If not, at least it’ll be useful to me next week.

That’s it. Cheers!


Last post 23:51 CET – Concluded that I’d rather go elsewhere, St. Malo in Brittany. May be too late to shift plans; have to check with travel companion in the morning.

First post 21:32 CET –

~ Contentin Peninsula (general info) ~

From Contentin Peninsula wiki:

– Due to its comparative isolation, the peninsula is one of the remaining strongholds of the Norman language, and the local dialect is known as Cotentinais.
– Until the construction of modern roads, the peninsula was almost inaccessible in winter due to the band of marshland cutting off the higher ground of the promontory itself. This explains occasional historical references to the Cotentin as an island.

– Parc Naturel Regional des Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin (The Regional Nature park of the Cotentin and Bessin Marshlands) – 27,000 hectare park, wetland and marsh.

~ Cherbourg-Octeville ~

Official tourism office (French)

– Cherbourg was The Titanic’s first stop on 10 April 1912 (four hours after leaving Southampton), where 274 passengers were brought on board.

~ To the Channel Islands ~

– Manch Iles Express: http://www.manche-iles-express.com/ Destinations – Jersey, Sark Guernsey, Alderney
Appears that early April will have very limited options. There are departures from Dielette, Carteret and Granville south of Cherbourg but most variety is available from Saint Malo further south.

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If you haven’t guessed,
G is for Good ‘ole Fashioned Live Blogging
in the Blogging From A to Z Challenge 2012.
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