45-Second Piran Café Update, 10-April

I’m heading to Paris this morning and this winged lion that’s perched high above the intersection of Miklošičeva and Trg Osvobodilne Fronte was the closest thing I could find to something Paris-like. Like gargoyles. So here you go. You’re welcome. Does anyone know what he’s holding?

He’s an impressive character radiating stolid and solid charm towards the street below, 24/7. I wonder how many people walking by the bus station just across the street have noticed him? There aren’t very many tall buildings in Ljubljana –depending on how you define “tall”, the number is close to zero– and I’ve noticed that not very many people look up when while strolling.

I’ll be in France for the next seven days, meeting an old friend from the States, with whom I’ll do some roaming and rambling in Paris and around Normandy. Never been to the latter, so looking forward.

And an A-Z update: All the grand plans I had in advance for the A to Z Challenge were never quite put into motion – lack of time, other work commitments, waiting four hours in the hospital yesterday just to get a prescription, etc. The list can go on.  But I’m not giving up, even though I’ve promised myself a relaxing week. Letters I through O will simply take on a French spin. Maybe they’ll even be French.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy your day.

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  1. sharkbytes says

    I would love to visit Paris! I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.


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