High End Cognac Shopping in Ljubljana

These bottles of high end cognac have been in the wine and spirits section of Maximarket for months –maybe even years, I’m losing track of time– and they still look just as out of place now as they did on the day they were put there. At least they’re dusted on occasion.

The highest ticket item is this Louis XIII Remy Martin, at €1991.20. For that price the pedestal should look less Barbie-like. Below is the Camus Cuvee, a close runner-up at €1969.00. (Sorry, I didn’t jot down further details about the bottle).

If you still can’t get over the absurdity of today’s LJ PIcs of the Day and are on a tighter budget, they’ve also got a bottle of Hennesy Richard (€1758.90) and Martell d’Or, at €1145.50 in stock. Is anyone else wondering if the beverage manager who ordered these still has her job?


Unrelated: If you’re in Ljubljana Wednesday (25th), stop by the Dvornibar WIne Bar for their bi-weekly promo tastings. Up this week are sparkling wines from Silveri. Directions on the website (http://www.dvornibar.net/).

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