Attention Travel Guidebook Consumers: How Important are Upscale Dog Boutique Recommendations to you?

Like this one for Un Chien Dans le Marais, a shop in Paris that apparently does such a good job meeting spoiled dogs’ most demanding needs that it merits Lonely Planet‘s seal of approval?

I have no idea what the context here is but I was reminded of these pics I snapped a few weeks ago of this pooch outfit shop by a discussion on the.ego.tripper where the.e.t. discusses a recent disappointing episode with Lonely Planet’s India guides. And wondered if Lonely Planet was getting a bit over-the-top commercially.

From the shop’s point of view, any publicity is probably good publicity. For Lonely Planet it’s a tidbit for their readers who like to shop for their spoiled dogs in Paris. And another sticker on another window.

I just found it odd.

Odd enough to take pause, snap a few pictures and post them here when the first opportunity arose. Along with a link to the shop and LP’s description on their site.

Oh. My. Dog! God! I guess that was the point.

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