Higgins Boat Restoration (St. Vaast Notebook I)

Here’s a 25-second quickie I shot last month in St. Vaast, France, with D-Day buffs in mind, of a couple guys finishing up a restoration of a Higgins landing craft like those used in the Invasion of Normandy. Funding for the project was to end at the end of May, so I think they’ll manage – just in time.

St. Vaast is a picturesque little seaside town about 30 kilometers north of Utah Beach, the westernmost of the main D-Day beach invasions. From a small promontory near where these two guys were working lies an excellent if distant view south towards Utah Beach and the landing points stretching to the east. Trying to picture some 4,000 boats and landing craft in this stretch of the English Channel –along with a soundtrack produced by countless planes, rockets and gunfire buzzing overhead– was both dizzying and numbing.

A bit more on St. Vaast another time.

Note: This video notebook was shot on 13-Apr-2012.

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