Unintentional Triptych

The shooting experiment I undertook last night turned out to be a dismal failure. I’ll spare you the details. But I did manage to salvage a few shots at a jazz concert on Ljubljana’s central Preseren Square. Credit for that goes to Allen Ginsberg.

I was first drawn in by the confident cadence of Derrianne Dyett, a young women from Trinidad & Tobago, who was reading the opening lines of ‘Howl‘. I hadn’t heard that performed in more than a decade. Listening to it in the shadow of Slovenian poet Prešeren’s statue put a big ole smile on my face. I felt less old.

The bass guitarist who is the subject of this triptych is Benson Itoe from Cameroun. He made sure I left more energized.

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  1. Kerry Dwyer says

    Thanks for passing by my blog and Liking my dragonfly picture. These are cool shots. I love Jazz. I have some Jazz Manouche pictures on my blog too but they are not as good as yours. I am an amateur.

  2. Ayngelina says

    My favourite is the last one, there is a sense of movement that seems to make sense with the music I imagine he’s playing.


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