45 Second Piran City Gallery Advisor

In case you were looking, here’s another reason for you to visit Piran.

As I mentioned in this post a couple weeks ago, the main reason I visited was to check out the town’s freshly renovated Mestna Galerija, or Municipal Gallery, which after several delays and a price tag of about €1.8 million, officially re-opened its doors on Friday, May 18. I was very pleased. And I approve.

The space, redesigned by postmodernist pioneer architect Boris Podrecca, is spread over three levels, giving the building, which has been used as the city gallery since the 1960s, a sparkling new identity. The pic above is the top story of the exhibit space, below is from the first story. (An aside for the photo-curious: both of these were snapped with a GoPro2 which accounts for the wildly different colors and hues from the rest, which were taken with a DSLR. In my experience there’s been nothing consistent or predictable about using a GoPro indoors.)

Piran 045


The first exhibit, IZ OČI V OČI_VIS À VIS_FACE TO FACE, is a group exhibit featuring artists who live, work or are originally from Slovenia’s coast. Below are a couple: La Lumiere de la nature-matutinus, 2012, by Gani Llalloshi, and Regata, 1984, by Mira Licen Krmpotic.

Gani Llalloshi - La Lumiere de la nature-matutinus, 2012
Gani Llalloshi – La Lumiere de la nature-matutinus, 2012
Mira Licen Krmpotic - Regata, 1984
Mira Licen Krmpotic – Regata, 1984

On display through September. At the moment, NO charge. Website is here, but for now is almost entirely in Slovenian. The Gallery, which originally served as the city’s Loggia, sits serenely in the top right corner of the main Tartini Square, flanked by the City Hall to the right and the 15th Century Venetian House to the left. A few more shots below.

Piran 047

Piran 046

Piran 048


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