Clipped Wings and Anti-Fascists – Twelve Pics From my First (!) 100km Bike Ride

I biked over 100 kilometers yesterday for the first time. That may not be a big deal for some people, but for a recovering former chain smoker like me, it is.

The bulk of it was from the city of Cerknica back to Ljubljana via Rakitna. Which meant lots of hills, too. Which meant plenty of stops to take photos. Above is the view from village of Gorenja Brezovica, which is southwest of Ljubljana, to the northwest. I would have missed this view if I hadn’t been on my bike.

To the geographically curious, here’s a route map of the Cerknica to Ljubljana part. When I descended from the hills to the Ljubljana Moors, I felt remarkably good so I just kept pedaling around. 100km became a quest. And I haven’t even felt too bad today. 🙂

A few more shots:

I didn’t clip his wings. I swear.
Memorial in Cerknica – Engraving reads: For the Victims of Fascism
In Begunje pri Cerknici
Barn, village of Kržišče

Near Gorenja Brezovica
Near Gorenja Brezovica
‘Death to Fascism’ – Rakitna


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