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Austerity and Parklands – Ljubljana Moors, III

These were taken during a quick early evening bike ride around part of Ljubljana‘s Moors, or Barje Regional Park. I really liked the way the light hit the scene above.

Yesterday the news daily Delo published a breakdown of budgets –and budget cuts– for Slovenia’s nine national and regional parks: in 2011 the budget was €4.55 million, this year just over €3.86 million. Specifically for the Ljubljana Moors/Marsh Regional Park, the 2012 budget is €176,905, down 18 percent from last year’s €215,045. Currently a staff of three is looking after the 140+ square kilometer park, the southernmost wetland in Europe. Adding salt to the wound is a shortfall of just €33,796 that the government has to come up with to secure some EU funding for several projects.

Today I saw a little brown fox, a shy, clumsy fawn, and at least two dozen different birds. And not one of the three rangers.

The park website is here, previous posts are here and here, and several more pics are in a flickr set here.

Facing south towards Mt. Krim
A second or two before he fell on his butt.

It scared the shit out of me.

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  1. The Pal Guy says

    Great photos. I hope the conservation of these wetlands is maintained as they are certainly worth saving. The picture of the deer is awesome.

  2. ehpem says

    That first photo is wonderful.
    In Canada the National Parks system has just had major cuts, and the cuts are targeting the scientific staff that work in the parks (and elsewhere in government). This even though the National Park system generates, by the governments own numbers, $1.5 billion more in revenue to the government than it costs to operate them. Completely mindless and stupid cuts that will not serve the public, the parks or revenue streams.
    I hope your parks come out of this austerity program without too much damage.

    1. BobR says

      I’ve seen figures for the US parks system, where revenues are 4x the public investment. I have no idea what the figures are here in Slovenia. I suspect they’re not as high as 4x.

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