Pregnant Violinist of the Week

It was no contest really –Jelena Ždrale is by far the finest string-plucking mother-to-be I’ve encountered this week.

Last night she was jamming along with co-conspirators in Krizantema na Klavirju, or Chrysanthemum on a Piano, a theatre/poetry/music performance project that shook the cobblestone on Gornji Trg in Ljubljana. Fun stuff. One of the highlights? As singer Janja Majzelj was wrapping up a song that evolved into a People are Strange mash-up (of sorts), two men dressed as knights strolled by. They wound up on stage, of course.

The performance was part of Promenade Gornji trg, a summer-long series of events held in this Ljubljana old town neighborhood to highlight the area’s small shops, galleries and restaurants. Definitely worth a visit if you’re popping through the Slovenian capital this summer.

A few more shots:

Janja Majzelj


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