London Notebook – Video of Arrest Near the London Eye


This is two minutes of footage of an arrest I witnessed yesterday (2 Aug) evening in front of the Sea Life Museum, near the London Eye along the Thames.

The man, who was bleeding from the mouth, was charged with illegal street trading and was being restrained until police arrived. I missed the start of the incident so I don’t know the entire context in which this type of force was deemed necessary, but on the surface it seemed excessive.

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From what I gathered, he either didn’t have a license or was working in an area he wasn’t supposed to be. I did ask but my questions went ignored. I don’t know what he was selling. One of the restraining officers mentioned that the man assaulted two other officers who initially approached him.

Londoners: Is this standard operating procedure for dealing with illegal street selling?

FYI I shot this with a GoPro2 because it was the camera I had in my hand at the time, thus the emphasized wide angle at times.
London, UK, 8:10pm, Thursday 2 Aug, 2012.

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