The goal: no clutter here

Please Excuse the Dust

The goal: no clutter here

Dear all,

As you may notice, I’m in the midst of making some changes here. A new layout, along with some reorganizing and reshuffling, are in order now with my take off set for exactly four months from today. Time flies like an arrow on steroids, so no time to dilly or dally. In the meantime, my apologies for any problems you might come across here. They will be quite temporary, I promise.

There’s lots I want to catch up with from the busy summer months, but I keep running short on time. On top of my full-time job, I also have to begin the tedious process of sorting through stuff that I’ve accumulated over the past eight-and-a-half years here in Slovenia. Deciding what to keep, pack and store and what to free myself of. Downsizing as a concept has a very strong appeal; in practice it’s somewhat painful for a packrat.

Other than my one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, I haven’t done much planning yet. But I am already starting to set aside items that I plan to carry for about 18 months, as illustrated by the lead photo. Am I on top of things or what?

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    1. Hi Meryl – No, not relocating. Just hitting the road to travel for a while. First on the itinerary is Argentina, then heading north over land. Something I’ve wanted to do for a VERY long time.

      1. Sounds wonderful…how far north will you go… Jealous….I did some work in Mexico and Guatemala..a series I started on indigenous women.. then wanted to return to Peru and Bolivia but my plans got hijacked…maybe soon… Been saving points…:)

        1. Keep saving! 🙂
          Not sure how far north yet. I want to really take my time along the way so I decided against setting any unreasonable time constraints. Quite likely as far as British Columbia. Then westward.

          What sort of work specifically did you do in Mexico and Guatemala?

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