A Favorite Place, in Monaco (Pic de Jour)

Maryse au Miroir ou le Temps Inalterable, Monaco

It’s perversely early. It’s barely 6 a.m. as I’m typing this and I’ve already been up for more than two hours, needing to catch a 04:55 ride to the airport for a 06:50 flight. (Yes, that’s an early arrival to the airport for a flight out of Ljubljana, but I don’t make the shuttle schedules). Jake’s Sunday post theme email suggested that we identify a ‘Favorite Spot’ this week. Right now that would be my bed, but I know that doesn’t count. So instead I’ll try to think forward as I look back.

I’m heading to Monaco this morning for what will likely be the last time for quite some time. So it’s a good time to think back through a sleepy daze to what my favorite spot in the Principality might be. One place that I would like most of all to return to over the next few days.

Monaco’s a busy, ritzy glitzy place. Casinos, glamourous overpriced hotels and Michelin two-star restaurants aren’t my cup of green tea. Public parks are. One I kept finding myself drawn to again and again is St. Martin’s Garden, located on the southwest facing ridge of ‘The Rock’, next to the Oceanographic Museum and not far from the Palace. It’s home to the sculpture pictured above, Maryse au Miroir ou le Temps Inalterable, by Cyril de la Patelliere.

It’s where I wish I was right now. Napping on a bench. Maybe later.

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  1. sued51 says

    Looks like a lovely park…

  2. jakesprinter says

    I love your favorite spot there Bob , Great place thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Jo Bryant says

    it looks like a great place to enjoy

  4. […] I also did pay a quick visit to Maryse. […]

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