National Bank of Slovenia

The Power of Two – #Frifotos

National Bank of Slovenia

The EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today. I’m going to assume that means that the Union is not in the running for the Prize in Economics that’s yet to be awarded. That’s too bad since these two telamones that so dutifully carry Slovenia’s National Bank could really use some help.

Two, as in the number 2, is this week’s #FriFotos theme on twitter to celebrate the popular travel photo-related hashmark’s second anniversary. That pair propping up the bank, from a small but growing collection of telamone pics, immediately came to mind.

The bank, which sits on Slovenska Cesta near the city center, was designed by Czech architect František Krasny and built in the early 1920s. But the four telamones (two are pictured) were sculpted by Franc Berneker, universally regarded as the first and best modern Slovenian sculptor. There’s also a hiking/biking path in Pohorje mountains of north central Slovenia that bears his name.

Here’s a dozen pairs that I hope will contribute at least a bit of spark to the birthday celebrations. First, two more pairs of telamones, at top another in Ljubljana and the second in Rijeka, Croatia.

More of Ljubljana’s ubiquitous telamones. These two, on Miklosiceva, are bound by a chain.
Rijeka, Croatia, 26-Jan-2009

We remain in Ljubljana but move first to the central Preseren square where these two street musicians were sharing a delightful rendition of the Theme to the Godfather, and then closer to the main train station where two men were sharing a bench and a pillow.

Street musicians, Ljubljana.
Nap time.

This was taken nearly one year ago to the day during a large Occupy Ljubljana demonstration. Sometimes one Guy Fawkes is one too few.

When one Guy Fawkes mask simply isn’t enough.

Moving on, we have two eggs. Does anyone have The Best of Birth Control? I missed the entire Krautrock era.

The Best of Birth Control

The next two photos of twos were taken in Nghia Lo, Vietnam two years ago this this month: two baskets and two woman.

Street salad vendor, Nghia Lo, Vietnam
Women bicycling with firewood. Nghia Lo, Vietnam

Next up, Shanghai. Two very tall buildings and a pair of very tired shoppers.

Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center
Two tired shoppers. Shanghai, 25-May-2012

And finally, two photos from Greece, a country that’s not getting much peace from the EU. At top, a pair of motorcyclists, shot from the balcony of my cheap hotel near the main train station in Athens. And below, a pair of strangers on the Hellenic Seaways’ Nissos Chios traveling between Syros and Piraeus, showing that even in twos solitude is possible.

Two motorcyclists, Athens, 21-Sep-2009
On the Hellenic Seaways’ Nissos Chios, Syros to Piraeus, Greece, 13-Nov-2008
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