From 'The Cube', a sound installation by Jun-Seub Sim

120 Seconds in Sim Jun-Seub’s Cube

From ‘The Cube’, a sound installation by Jun-Seub Sim

Here’s your two minutes of Zen for today which reminded me of the 1980s band The Art of Noise. Not their music so much, but just the name. That’s all.

This is from The Cube, a sound installation by Jun-Seub Sim which I experienced at the Bongsan Cultural Center in Daegu, South Korea in August of 2011. In the midst of a very busy stretch of work, I found it quite soothing. I forgot that I clandestinely shot this clip until I came across it earlier today sitting somewhat sad and neglected in the depths of my video notebook archive on Vimeo. Perhaps it will better serve here.

I found a little bit more on Jun-Sueb and this particular process on the website for the Seoul art space, The Brain Factory, here. And a little more from my visit to Daegu is here.

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