A Train, a Bus and a Stolen Bike

Somewhere between Bohinj and Bled, 24-Sep-2012

My bike was stolen today, the third since I moved to Ljubljana. It was locked but still snatched in broad daylight, ruining what was an otherwise excellent day. I’m leaving in 94 days so I won’t dwell on it. One less thing to store, right?

Chairs are this week’s #FriFotos theme on twitter to celebrate places we like to park our behinds. One of my favorites was my bike, but I’m not dwelling on that. So instead, I’ll go with what is probably my second favorite mode of transport, a seat on a train.  The one above was taken in late September, somewhere between Bohinjska Bistrica and Bled, Slovenia, on the way back from a would-be camping trip that was a disastrous washout. (It would be the last time my bike was on a train.) Below is a quick snap taken earlier this month on bus somewhere between Varna and Kavarna, Bulgaria. It broke down about a half hour later which made me wish I had my bike. But let’s no dwell on that.

Between Varna and Kavarna, Bulgaria, 03-Oct-2012
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  1. Mike Knoche says

    Sorry to hear about your bike.

  2. mmtread says

    Our tally from almost ten years in Budapest: 3 bikes; 2 passports;2 phones and a Blackberry; a pair of stanky old sandals while playing barefoot in the park; 2 wallets; a leather jacket; 2 sets of car airbags; a case of good wine; and, just today, a camera tripod. I’m probably forgetting a few items – they’ll take anything that isn’t nailed down here, and despite what the Magyars will tell you, it ain’t just the Roma who are doing all the stealing. Sorry about your bike, your camping trip, and your bus ride – happy about your photo on the train.

  3. sedge808 says

    excellent post.

  4. Marusa says

    I am sorry for your bike – but it’s very typical for Ljubljana. 🙂

    1. BobR says

      Yes, I know. My third since I moved here eight+ years ago.

      1. Marusa says

        Pretty good statistics! My friend had its fourth stolen in only 3 years.

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  6. Ayngelina says

    Why do people get their bikes stolen so much? You know in Toronto one summer there was a big bike stealing ring and it was busted as this guy was reselling them. Anyway, it was a huge ordeal for the police to try to give people their bikes back, most had photos of them which helped.

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