Shooting in the Rain – Bohinj

Near Bohinjska Bistrica, 26-Sep-2012

Yesterday I mentioned a camping trip ruined by rain – but it wasn’t a total loss. I spent a few hours sitting at a bar, reading and taking photos of the rain and mist. All things considered, it was probably the calmest couple of hours I spent last month. These scenes were directly across the street from the bar/cafe at the Danica Campground. The top photo is from a 13-second time lapse of the swirling mist. Thoughts?

Near Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia, 26-Sep-2012

And the time lapse:

PS – I was out all day yesterday and meant to schedule this post for Saturday afternoon. But I forget to set it, so technically, my ‘Pic de Jour’ streak wasn’t really halted, right?  🙂

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  1. Chillbrook says

    I loved the time lapse. I’d be interested to know what interval you set between frames? Thanks

    1. BobR says

      Thanks! They’re four second intervals, about 250 pics. I use very basic production – dump them all into MPEG Streamclip and then export it to iMovie where I sped it up a bit. Do you play around with time lapse at all?

  2. restlessjo says

    Shame! It looks to be the most beautiful spot. Any rainbows about?

    1. BobR says

      Yes, it’s a wonderful area. About 20 km south of the better known Lake Bled area. Nope, no rainbows that day.

  3. The Wanderlust Gene says

    The black and white is a perfect composition – and what do they say, every cloud … What a magical few hours you had in those beautiful hills.


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