The Least Camera Shy Bovines in the World

Near the village of Gabrk, Slovenia, 20-Oct-2012

I made a quick trip to grandma’s house in Pregarje yesterday, a village in Slovenia’s southwestern Brkini hills region, and spent a wonderful afternoon hiking to and from the nearby villages of Gabrk, Rjavče and Tatre. It’s a beautiful part of the country, just an hour from Ljubljana, and about 45 kilometers from both Koper on the Slovenian coast, and Rijeka in Croatia. Trieste is just 30 kilometers away yet the seaside seems a world away from these hills that range from 700 to 800 meters above sea level.

Among the highlights was running into some of the least camera shy cows I’ve ever seen.  I think I liked the grayish one, No. 1665, best. Is this a bovine version of a black sheep?

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