Discovering Evert Taube

Evert Taube statue, Stockholm

I had no idea who Evert Taube was when I discovered this statue in the smallish Järntorget square in Stockholm’s Gamla stan, or old town. Local musician or composer was my guess – he’s holding sheet music, is draped in a coat-as-cape and confidently lifting his sunglasses towards his beret. I liked that he’s not propped up and displayed on a pedestal, but rather standing at street level, as if he’s eyeing passers-by or on his way somewhere.

Evert Taube’s hand

It turns out that Taube, who died in 1976 at 85, was and remains one of Sweden’s most respected folk singers, a legendary traveler and sailer, and the author who penned the most well known Swedish language anti-Fascist poem. His song Änglamark, written for a popular 1971 Swedish cult film The Apple War, or Äppelkriget, was an early anthem for the environmental movement and is still widely performed today.

I spent the past hour searching for and listening to some of his songs. Check out Balladen om Gustav Blom, Byssan Lull, and my favorites on this relaxing misty night, two renditions of his composition Nocturne – an instrumental version performed by Julian Lloyd Webber and Sven Bertil Taube and a 1949 clip of a Taube performance.

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  1. ninano says

    Most swedes are familiar with very few songs and lyrics, and it’s not very common to sing spontaneously unless you are part of a choir or drinking in a party. But most swedes know the lyrics and melody of 2-3 of Evert Taube’s songs.

    1. BobR says

      Many thanks for the insight – I spoke to someone in the square that day that told me about the song for The Apple War. I enjoyed spending a few hours searching for and listening to his music.

  2. ninano says

    I will take a closer look on your posts, there seem to be quite a lot of different themes and interesting pictures.

    1. BobR says

      Thanks and you’re most welcome! This café never closes. 🙂


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