Ljubljana Nightscapes, Part II

Ljubljana early evening, facing south

I’m sure it’s just coincidence but we’ve had really nice sunsets in Ljubljana since Barack Obama was re-elected. 🙂

Above, a view to the southeast shot from my rooftop earlier this evening and below, shot yesterday from Ljubljana’s Museum Quarter near Metelkovo.

Ljubljana, 07-Oct-2012
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  1. recoverythrumylens says

    There are no coincidences….:)

    1. BobR says

      🙂 That’s not what quite what I’ve been told by a few others. :))

  2. restlessjo says

    Funny that- we’ve had lovely sunrises!

  3. Jagoda Perich-Anderson says

    No, no accident…and gorgeous!

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  5. […] Ljubljana Nightscapes, Part II […]

  6. […] Ljubljana Nightscapes, Part II […]

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