Berberian Sound Studio – 35-Second Review


My first LIFFE 2012 screening, and it was a joy. Of sorts.

Set in the 1970s, a shy English sound expert (excellently portrayed by Toby Jones) is hired by a low budget Italian film company to work on a stylish sadistic/slasher/sex/sleaze/satanic thriller. In the final third he gradually loses his grip on reality and this Peter Strickland-directed film kinda loses its way –unless you’re a Lynch fan, Then you’ll love the direction just fine.

But it’s fun, mesmerizing, beautiful to watch and unlike anything I’ve ever seen –or heard– before. Film geeks will love the resourceful old skool sound effects tricks so vividly illustrated. You did know that watermelons thrust to the ground mimic perfectly the sound of skulls being crushed, didn’t you? Sorry, that’s the only one I’ll give away.

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