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Mungo, a Bookcase and Jack Ruby – RTW: 40 Days to go


Meet Mungo. I gave him that Mohawk on a balmy summer day in Athens, Ohio, in 1986. On this cold Ljubljana afternoon he went back into a box.

Today marks 40 Days to Go until my take off date; it only hit me this morning, when I saw that number, what a a woeful job I’ve done packing. Not just packing for my trip –that’ll be relatively easy– but boxing up my entire apartment which I have to vacate in about 30 days. So it’s time to get serious. And switch gears.

I had a plan brewing that I was going to commit much of this packing to film, to create one last record and memory of a place where I’ve lived longer than any other since I headed out into the world 29 years ago. Realistically, this 149-second bit below of one of my bookcases, created from 756 photos, is quite likely the only one that’s going to be produced. So I decided that it had to star Mungo.

The music is an inspiring piece by Jack Ruby, an early 70s pre-punk group from New York that I stumbled upon via the Free Music Archive. Its raw energy lights a fire under my ass every time I listen to it. With just 40 days to go, I’ll be listening to it quite a bit. Because it’s time to get serious. Enjoy!

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