Taking off into the future. Ljubljana, 19-Dec-2012

Taking Off Into the Future

Taking off into the future. Ljubljana, 19-Dec-2012

I spotted this yesterday afternoon and liked the juxtaposition.

At top, a billboard for Adria Airlines, Slovenia’s national carrier, reads: “Taking off into the future.” Just below it is a scrawled reminder for tomorrow’s nationwide demonstration, which reads: “We won’t pay for your crisis! Take to the streets on Dec 21!” I’m expecting a big turnout.

And entirely unrelated, except that they too involve graffiti, are a couple more snaps from early yesterday afternoon.

Fat angry rabbit. Graffiti. Ljubljana, 19-Dec-2012

The first, of this fat angry rabbit-like creature, has been on the side of outgoing President Danilo Türk‘s apartment building on Pražakova street for months. He steps down on Saturday and will be succeeded by former Prime Minister Borut Pahor, who soundly defeated Türk in a run-off on December 2. Just under 42% of voters went to the polls, the lowest ever in Slovenian history, a fact which apparently made young models cry black tears.

Crying model, Ljubljana, 19-Dec-2012

Speaking of taking off –

Today marks 32 days to go before I leave on my extended jaunt. I haven’t made nearly the progress I anticipated with packing and storing, but I did take the crucial step of setting the main move-out date from my apartment. That’ll be January 4th, which will leave me with just over 14 days to focus solely on some of the early logistics and get moving on some much-needed basic research. No time or room for panic just yet.

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