Museum of Too Modern Art, near Litija Slovenia

35 Minutes at Slovenia’s Museum of Too Modern Art

At a quick glance, Tomaž Drnovšek–Vinči’s roadside home and barn in Spodnji Hotič, a village just a few kilometers north of Litija, isn’t too different from many others you’ll typically find in smaller off-the-beaten path settlements in Slovenia: aging and modest, a bit rough around the edges, but functional.

Then you notice the quizzical look radiating from the nude life-sized burlap figure standing next to the first out building. When you catch a quick glance of a broken down van sporting a panoply of colors brighter than the clear afternoon sky, you know something quirky, and worthy of further exploration, lies just ahead.

Museum of Too Modern Art, near Litija Slovenia
Museum of Too Modern Art, near Litija Slovenia

It’s not easy to describe what is typical in present-day rural Slovenia, but this definitely isn’t it. A few steps later it all becomes less hazy. Towering over an extended tribe of those mangy burlap beings is a large barn with the words Muzej Premoderne Umetnosti, or Museum of Too Modern Art, stretched across the unfinished front.

You really do come across the unlikeliest things on bike rides around here.

The museum’s roots date back to the late 1990s when some local frustrated artists were refused a show by an area gallery. Drnovšek–Vinči answered the call.

In 1999 he sold his cows and turned the stables into a gallery. The space has since evolved into a contemporary art venue, a performance space for local and regional musicians and a hosting ground for numerous art workshops.

Its website has more info on some recent exhibits, but note that the English language section is woefully out of date. No worries, though – you’ll get the gist.

Muzej Premoderne Umetnosti/Museum of Too Modern Art
Spodnji Hotič 19, Litija, Slovenija

It’s located on the main Litija road that winds along the left bank of the Sava River. Look for a nude burlap gatekeeper.


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