The Glaciar Grande at Lagune Torre

Birds and Bees at Laguna Torre

The Glaciar Grande at Lagune Torre
The Glaciar Grande at Lagune Torre

I’m exhausted tonight but the destination was worth the effort.

This is Laguna Torre, on the western side of the Fitz Roy range in the northern section of Los Glaciares National Park. It’s eleven kilometers from the trailhead in El Chalten and described in most of the literature as a three-hour hike. It took me about four, but I’m the world’s most casual hiker and easily distracted on the trail. Today I chased a bright scarlet-colored bee for about twenty minutes and watched an extended family of Patagonian Mockingbirds share their lunch for another twenty. Pics coming soon. I realize I keep saying that, but it’s true. Please bear with me. And I know that they were Patagonian Mockingbirds because I broke my No. 1 Rule of Long-Term Travel yesterday when I bought a fat and heavy but riddled-with-detail bird field guide. (ID’ing the birds probably took another twenty minutes.)

Unlike my hike on Monday the clouds never lifted here, but that hardly spoiled the delightful setting. This is one shot from a time lapse which I think will turn out reasonably well given the conditions and the position of the sun. That’s coming soon, too. Stay tuned.

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