Penguins, Glaciers and a Tree: Piran Café’s Top Five Posts for February 2013

Perito Moreno 04

Before I turn the page from February and in case you missed something really big (!), here’s a quick review of the top-five posts on Piran Café from the past 28 days, the first full month on the road during my 14-month Round The World jaunt.

Somewhat oddly these five, based upon stats alone, almost parallel my personal top-five. That’s happened once before but I still find it strange.


5. Patagonian Trifecta (09-Feb). This was the shortest post of the month, so why summarize when I can just copy the entire thing:

Today I watched the humbling might that calves a glacier, listened to the throaty cry of a black-faced Ibis and heard Bjork in a supermarket. All firsts. I’m going to sleep well.


4. Perito Moreno Glacier Notebook (19-Feb). Summary of that trip, alluded to above, to the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentine Patagonia. I managed to capture quite a few enormous chunks of ice splitting from the glacier. Twenty-four pics in all, including the lead at top.

3. Leaving Patagonia, Slowly: RTW, the First Five Weeks (28-Feb). This summary of my first five weeks on the road was published only the day before yesterday, and still managed to make the final cut. For those who shared via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, MANY thanks.

2. Arbol Bandera (01-Feb). A shot of this sensational tree on the coast of the Beagle Channel that everyone needs to hug.

Windswept tree near the Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego
Arbol Bandero on the Beagle Channel, 31-Jan-2013

And the winner is:

1. Penguin Pecks (16-Feb). Penguins have really been a magnet for Piran Cafe the past month, particularly when they appear to be smooching (but are actually quarreling). Preference noted. I’ll do the best I can next month.

Wishing you all a splendid March. I’m pretty sure mine will be.

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