International Women’s Day, in Bariloche

A day late is better than never, right? I came across some great murals during a long walk through Bariloche, Argentina, today which fit perfectly into this weekend’s International Women’s Day theme.

These first seven photos are from a larger mural still on display on the busy Moreno thoroughfare in the center of the city, created for the 26th Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres Bariloche, or National Women’s Gathering which took place here in October 2011.

Bariloche 009

Bariloche 010

Bariloche 011

Bariloche 008

Bariloche 005

Bariloche 006

These last two below appear beside the entrance to the Dr. Ramón Carrillo regional hospital. Both are dated 2011 so I’m assuming they were created for the same national gathering as the mural above. The second pic is a lyric from the song Mujeres by Cuban folk singer Silvio Rodriguez. Here’s one translation I found:

I was shaken by women
that history has placed among laurels
and other ones unknown, giants,
that no book could ever contain.

Bariloche 003

Bariloche 004

Like Earth Day, International Women’s Day is every day.  Let’s work on that, ok?

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